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Owning an office comes with its own unique set of risks that you should be insured against. Whether you’re operating your own business from your office or you’re leasing it out to another entrepreneur, you’re required to protect yourself against any accidents and emergencies that may occur. Office insurance keeps you safe in these events, ensuring you’re not left financially liable for any claims.

Here at Brisco Business Insurance, we’re dedicated to finding you an office insurance policy tailored to your requirements and budget, regardless of your industry. Our quick quote system means you can easily compare office insurance packages from the UK’s leading providers to find a comprehensive option that suits your needs. Office insurance policies typically include covers like public liability and contents insurance.

what does office insurance cover?

Office insurance keeps you protected in the event that an incident — no matter how serious — prevents you (or anyone else using your office) from conducting your everyday tasks. This can also extend to your home office and even cover the equipment within it. This means that if you fall victim to a break-in, you won’t have to fork out for replacement equipment.

Whether you own one office or several, it’s also crucial to protect yourself against any legal claims filed against you by staff, as well as damage sustained to the building. And, if the damage means productivity is paused, office insurance can also cover any financial losses, making sure business can continue even if the premises is out of order.


We partner with some of the UK’s most trusted office insurance providers, so that you can compare insurance quotes and choose the options that suit you best.

Choosing the correct level of insurance is crucial. When it comes to office insurance, you should consider the total worth of your assets, how much a day of productivity is worth, and the risks associated with your office. For example, if harsh chemicals are used to clean the workspace, the chances of dangerous spills are much higher.

The level of office insurance you need also depends on how many offices you own. The more offices you own, the more cover you’ll need from your insurance policy. You can tailor your policy according to your unique business needs.

What types of cover are available for my office?

No two businesses are the same and, therefore, no two office insurance policies should be either. The cover you need depends on your industry, your productivity, the number of employees, and even whether customers visit the premises.

Office liability cover

If you hire any employees, you legally need to hold employers liability insurance. This protects you if an employee injures themself while on the job, in which case they can file a claim against you. Employers liability insurance means you won’t be left footing the bill for potentially costly legal fees, as well as compensation that may be owed to your employee.

It’s also a good idea to have public liability insurance, which covers you  if a customer or third party is injured while in the office, or their property is damaged. In these cases, you’ll be liable to pay compensation if they take legal action. Public liability protects you against these costs.

If you’re the owner of the business operating in the office, it’s recommended that you also hold directors and officers liability insurance, which covers you against the extra risks you face as a director. Also known as management liability insurance, this policy ensures you’re not personally liable if an employer injures themselves while at work, and protects you from other risks.

Office building insurance

This policy covers you if the structure to the physical building is damaged. For example, if a fire, flood, or other natural disaster destroys your office premises, an office building insurance policy will ensure you’re not left paying to rebuild and restore the office out of your own office.

Contents insurance for offices

The equipment and furnishings you have in your office are likely worth thousands of pounds, if not more. And regardless of how careful you are, accidents can always happen and leave your contents damaged or completely broken. Contents insurance means that if anything does happen, you can quickly repair or replace the item as the costs will be covered by your provider. This keeps any pauses in productivity to a minimum and allows you to continue working as normal.

Fixtures and fittings insurance

We know it’s easy to forget about the fixtures and fittings of your office — that’s because they’re often considered part of the building itself. However, often they’re not included in a regular building insurance policy, so it’s important that you double-check your policy and invest in fixtures and fittings insurance if needed. This is especially true if you lease your office and had the building fitted with your own fixtures and fittings before trading commenced. Should anything go wrong, such as an electrical fire, you want to make sure you’re suitably covered and protected against the financial ramifications.


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How do I find the right office insurance policy for me?

You’ll need to find an insurance policy that covers all your unique business needs. After all, it’s highly unlikely that there is an office exactly like yours anywhere else in the world. Take your services, productivity, turnover, and size of your team into consideration when finding a policy, and think about what an average day in the office looks like for you. For example, if you have clients or members of the public coming in at any given time, you must have public liability insurance.

How much does office insurance cost?

This depends on the cover you want. Plenty of factors affect the cost of your insurance policy, including the size of your team, how many offices you need insurance for, the provider, your average turnover, and even your claims history. Compare quotes from leading providers, according to your business needs, and pick the policy that works for you, for the best price.

What office insurance is best for my business?

As best practice, you should have an insurance policy that’s as comprehensive as possible. There is no one-size-fits-all for office insurance, and it is totally based on your individual business needs. Look at what different providers are offering, along with the premiums and cover levels, and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Do you need office insurance if you work remotely?

This depends on your insurance policy. Some policies will cover you regardless of where you work, while some will only cover you and your team if you’re based on the company premises. But if you are promoting a remote working culture, it’s important that you check all your insurance policies. For example, you want to ensure that your employer’s liability insurance deals with any claims made by staff whether they’re on or off-site. And if you’re supplying the equipment for employees to work remotely, you should hold contents insurance that reaches beyond your office space. If required, get in touch with your insurance provider to extend the cover you hold.

What if my company is unable to operate because of damage to the office?

We know that any interruption to your business, regardless of how small, can have a huge knock-on effect on overall productivity. And if there is any damage to your office, you may be suffering days of productivity loss. That’s why having a policy that includes business interruption insurance is crucial, as it keeps you covered in the event that you lose any revenue as a direct result of office damages.

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